Planning for Long Weekends

WORK! WORK! WORK! We all are very much occupied from Monday to Friday while continuously working at our desk with full dedication. Do not spare time for ourselves even when we are at home, What all we do after such a long tiring work is to eat and take rest during weekends, subsequently prepare ourselves for another upcoming Monday with all the tiring work grind again for rest of the week.

Who doesn’t want a break from routine? Who doesn’t want a long weekend to enjoy with family/friends? Who does not want to rejuvenate so to face the tiring and routine lifestyle again in office?

Everyone wants a break from hectic routine. Everyone wants to have fun and relaxation without being tensed about work, meeting deadlines and stressed out due to the pressure of meeting expectations.
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Discover Gold on Wild Land

Wild Land is undeveloped land, public or privately-owned terra firma. Private land ownership may not include the mineral rights on the land. Think of it this way: A large metropolitan city may have a below-ground subway system that connects subway train tracks in a network of tunnels. People and businesses that own land above the underground subway system do not own it, and may not know that it operates beneath their land.

Before you bother to search for gold, research who owns the land that interests you and find out who owns the mineral rights of that wild land. With gold priced at $1278/ounce (today), do your homework to minimize the time and your effort to find a tiny ounce of gold that will put a lot of money in your pocket. Determine the probability of gold on your target wild land, and its state (pure or embedded in rock). You also want to know if the gold will come to you or if you must go to it. A force of nature, such as water from a natural spring, may bring gold to the surface of wild land. Over time, running water erodes gold-bearing rock so that you may find pure gold in the form of dust or nuggets at low places in the bed of a stream. But, if you do find some gold that way, realize that it got there by rising natural water that passed through gold-bearing rock (like quartz).Read More »

How To Prevent and Stop Matted Hair In the Nape of the Neck

Benefit from Styling Equipment Created Specifically for Wigs – A plastic or rubber comb is likely to build up negative charges on the outside area then bring about static in the hair. Make the most of a styling comb and brush that are specially designed for wigs.

In cases when a plastic comb and brush are needed, sparingly spray the tools with an anti-static agent much like Static Guard® before styling to create a shield to stop the static.

Remove the Wig Combs – A large number of wigs can be bought with wig combs in the nape area. These are generally included for security, however, a lot of the locks in the nape area result in being ensnared in the attached combs.

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Say Goodbye to Facial Scars With Micro Needling Therapy

With time your skin loses its elastin and collagen and become easily prone to scarring. Scars can be drop down your level of confidence and have a huge impact on the quality of life. Scars are one of the most common types of acne vulgaris that occur on the face and significantly debilitate the social life of people. Micro needling for scars is one of the most effective methods that helps you get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. This process combines both collagen and elastin, which help in reducing blemishes, skin thinning problem, and scars making the skin livelier.

Micro needling for scars also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a cosmetic procedure that involves puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. It is a treatment modality for scars. This device consists of fine multiple needles, which punctures the skin in a controlled manner.Read More »

For That Night Out With Your Girls

We all have our busy lives where we are constantly running around to get things done, be it our jobs or relationships. But once in a while we like to give ourselves a breather and just relax and catch up with our girlfriends which generally turns into one hell of a night out.

As we decide the venue and time to meet up and unwind, one thought that traces our minds is what are we gonna wear. As always we are here to help you solve that problem based on the venue of your party.

Here is how you do it

1. House Party

House parties as generally casual with just a bunch of friends hanging around, eating and catching up at one of your places. If that is a case you can wear anything you like from a jeans and tee combo to short or a comfy slip on dress. If it’s a more of an organized event with more people and more sophistication, then pair up your outfit with heels or beaded clutches and jewellery, as you make your girls proud in those classic jeans, white tee and a studded jacket to cling it up.Read More »